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We recognise that the fundamental basis of project cost control and financial management is the accurate and thorough measurement of construction quantities.  These are not just empty marketing words.  The decision to start our own QS company stemmed from our belief that the measurement of construction quantities should be undertaken by senior quantity surveyors / estimators combined with selected graduates / cadets.  It is only the careful balancing of staff that can form a strong team with the necessary construction knowledge, working experience and concentration skills required for detailed measurement.  This has been the core philosophy of Rex Evans since the company commenced in 2003.

With the measurement being either undertaken or closely overseen by senior experienced staff we can offer our clients a superior service, in a low-overhead business structure.  Our philosophy regarding measurement is that we not only measure what is on the drawings, but we go further in ensuring the full scope of works required is identified and included in the measure, and that all scope gaps are either filled or queried.

We are passionate about ensuring the following skills and attributes of each of our staff are integrated into everything we do for our clients:

An understanding of construction and construction sequencing; high quality written and verbal communication skills; measurement accuracy; thoroughness; pride taken in work produced; speed of measurement; an understanding and a respect of the importance of accurate quantities; proper on-the-job staff development and training; desire to exceed expectations.

We use current state-of-the-art electronic measurement software platforms combined with proven age-old thinking, common sense and checking procedures.  We can provide coloured PDF measurement plans to accompany our measures. These have proven extremely useful for our clients in regard to conveying the scope of the measure.